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Your need to make the move to SSL...now what?

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Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) is the standard security protocol technology to provide security over internet communications for any website that has text input fields users interact with.  You may have seen the messages from Google stating that with the recently released Chrome version 62, all sites, even those that don’t have any kind of text input fields, will require an SSL certificate to avoid a “Not Secure” warning to appear in the address bar.  eCommerce sites are especially text input field...

Optimize Cache Timing for CDN's

Best Practices Cache CDN 700_400.jpg
Utilizing a Content Delivery Network (CDN) is not optional anymore and is a required tool in your website performance toolbox.  This blog post will explore some of the important strategic decisions for a merchant to consider to optimize your use of a CDN.

UPS Isn't Just for Shipping: eCommerce Directors Need to Know More about Uptime, Performance & Security

uptime, performance and security are critical to eCommerce
Sales and marketing are no doubt the backbone of eCommerce, but there are other factors that must be given careful consideration and plenty of attention in order for an eCommerce business to be successful. Namely, the uptime, performance and security of your website itself.

Don't Forget About Functionality When You Design New eCommerce Features

Is your eCommerce site more flash than function?
Creating the kind of shopping experience that your customers want and expect is critical and that means staying on top of the latest shopping trends and your competitors offering to keep up with the eCommerce features in demand. However, while you risk losing customers if you fall behind, you must be mindful of your eCommerce platform’s limitations. Your decision to implement new features must be based on consumer demand and your platform’s ability to incorporate and maintain that feature. Faili...

7 Essential eCommerce Features

If your eCommerce platform doesn't support these features, you're falling behind.
While online shopping has become more popular with consumers than visiting brick-and-mortar retailers, consumers are no less choosy about their shopping experiences. In fact, there has been an increase in consumer expectations as online sales numbers have grown. People don’t just want to buy online. Your digital customers demand a particular kind of shopping experience, and an eCommerce platform that doesn’t support the features that create the experience shoppers are looking for won’t see many ...
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