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The 2017 Cyber 5 Shopping Season

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The 2017 Holiday Shopping Season is in full swing with record setting Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales results in the rear-view mirror.  Adobe reported that "Cyber Monday just set a new all-time record for online sales: $3.45 billion, an increase of 12.1 percent over last year’s holiday shopping spree. This year’s Black Friday will go down in the record books too. It was the very first time the day exceeded $3 billion in online sales, and the first day ever to drive over $1 billion in mobile revenue."

Many KalioCommerce clients experienced record setting Black Friday’s and Cyber Monday’s as well with mobile revenues on the rise aligning with industry trends.  Looking across the Cyber 5, (Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday), our customers in the Supplies and Food and Gift verticals did especially well, with revenue increases up to 65 percent year over year. 

These fantastic results, that many KalioCommerce customers enjoyed during the 2017 Cyber 5 Shopping Season, were made possible by smart planning done well before Thanksgiving Day.

Our customers, targeting this Holiday Season, optimized category and product page layouts by making their changes and then testing, refining and tuning the changes in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving to ensure seamless shopping experiences and that they were positioned to start the season off well.  Additionally, our seasonal customers took advantage of world class Cloud Managed Services to painlessly upscale their hosting environments during this peak season to ensure the increase in traffic and conversions would not negatively affect the shopability of their sites.

Our Customers also were in line with the industry by starting their promotions well before Thanksgiving week by offering a variety of offers enticing customers to buy early and not to wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday.  Successful campaigns included price protection offers guaranteeing low prices for the entire shopping season and sneak peaks of Cyber 5 offers to encourage customers to buy early and still have the confidence that they are still getting the best deal.

Thanksgiving morning, we saw retailers sending Happy Thanksgiving notes to their customers without offers.  Instead, we saw many brands sending warm, personalized messages designed to show customer appreciation and to keep their brand top of mind once folks finished up with their Thanksgiving celebrations and shifted gears into online shopping.

Once the promotions started, some that performed particularly well included Free Shipping offers, Flash Sales, % Off and an Extra % Off of Clearance Items.  We also saw customers calling out advanced payment capabilities like Amazon Pay targeting the growing mobile shopper demographic who was no doubt browsing while snuggled up in a warm bed and would be bothered by the cold shock of getting up to shuffle around a chilly house to find their credit card to complete their transactions.  These flavors of promotions continued across the Cyber 5 and finished with “Last Chance Cyber Monday Sales” and finally with some extending their Cyber Monday offers for the entire week.

The increase in mobile conversions during the 2017 Cyber 5 was significant with Adobe reporting an overall increase of 41 percent and this trend is expected to continue to only grow larger in the seasons to come.  Retailers really must pay close attention to their shopper’s devices and optimize their shopping experiences accordingly or will likely pay the price of missed conversions.  If your site is not yet Responsive, you are falling behind and now is the time to make the leap.

November 2017 is going to be remembered for significant growth in year over year online sales with Internet Retailer and Adobe reporting a 17 percent increase for the month.  Amazon enjoys a large portion of online sales but there is still a significant amount of market share available for those retailers that have unique product assortments and provide personalized shopping experiences for their customers.

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