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3 Risks and 3 Benefits of Responsive for eCommerce

Responsive design is a relatively new approach to web design that offers a solution to retailers not wanting to manage a separate mobile, tablet, and desktop site. Converting a site to responsive is quite an involved process, as all HTML / CSS must be edited. It is essential to assess the risks and benefits of moving an eCommerce site to responsive – we have outlined some below:


  1. The site must be developed in a way that will not cause new problems, such as longer load time.
  2. Just converting a site to responsive is not enough; retailers need to implement a mobile strategy, such as limiting the need to type.
  3. Not all developers have experience building a responsive site. The right partner is crucial to achieve a time and cost effective project.


  1. One URL provides SEO benefits as only one version of the site is being indexed.
  2. Managing the site is easier, as there are no separate updates for mobile and tablet needed.
  3. The website is ready for devices not yet on the market as it automatically adjusts to the viewport being used to browse the site.

Responsive design is a powerful tool for the retailer when implemented correctly. To learn more about responsive design and Kalio’s approach to building this type of site, click here to see our overview of Responsive Web Design for eCommerce Sites.

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