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3 Tactics for Email Subject Lines to Beat the Holiday Competition

We are excited to share this guest blog post from Joy Ugi @ WhatCounts:

There’s no doubt the inbox is crowded, and the holidays makes the already-existing competition to be first in the hearts of subscribers even more difficult.

What does this mean for email marketers?

As you head toward the front lines of holiday sending, you’ll have to stay one step ahead of your competition. It’s important to put thought into what subject lines will motivate your subscribers to open your emails before they open your competitions’. The following tactics for email subject lines will help you stay on top this holiday season.

  1. Put the deal in your subject line.

    It’s okay to be direct with customers during the holidays. At this time of year, people are proactively looking to buy gifts, and they want to save money while doing so. Be straightforward in your subject line about exactly what you’re offering inside your email. Your deal should be a primary part of your subject line. A line reading “Black Friday Blow-Out” doesn’t tell readers anything about the deal you’re offering. Instead, a subject line such as “$200 for a 62 inch flat-screen TV” is more concrete and will get subscribers to open.

  1. Get personal.

    Some of the most compelling subject lines are those that include the subscriber’s name, literally calling out to them to open the email. The less generic the subject, the more likely your open rates will increase. But you can step it up another notch – segment your list based on gender and send each group deals based on your most popular items for males and females.

  1. Experiment with length.

    Break out of the mold to grab the attention of your subscribers. If you typically use longer subject lines, go short (a couple of words) this holiday season to make your promotional emails stand out. Best practices dictates not going over 75 characters in your subject line, but it doesn’t say you can’t go short. You may also want to try using an icon in your subject line, too. It can take the place of a word (think a heart in place of the word love), which saves you lots of space and – when used sporadically – can be just the ticket to grab the attention of subscribers.

These and other bold moves for holiday subject lines will ensure your emails stand out in the eyes of subscribers, and most importantly, get that all-important open. For more helpful info about subject lines – and email marketing best practices in general – download the Complete Guide to Email Marketing.

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