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3 Ways to Grab Your Shopper’s Attention

We’re giving you a sneak peek at tips shared in our latest white paper - Merchandising Selling Signals: 18 Definitive Tactics to Get Your Shopper’s Attention Today. Take a look at some ways to grab and keep customer attention!

Tip #1 – A (Good) Image Is Worth 1,000 Words

In a recent survey of online shoppers, image quality was consistently brought up as an essential factor to selecting and ultimately purchasing a product.  The graph below displays some characteristics of images that were especially important to consumers:

Image Feature % Reporting Feature as Critical
Quality of image 75%
Ability to see product in color of choice 68%
Alternative views of selected item 66%
Zoom 61%

Source: Oracle/ e-tailing group Connected Consumer Survey; 2012

Customer Spotlight – Touch of Class

Touch of Class offers high quality home décor items, and recognizes the importance of providing a shopper with detailed images of what products look like. By uploading multiple high quality images for their products and using zoom, Touch of Class ensures that the customer has a clear idea of what the product looks like.

Tip #2 – Use Navigation to Help Customers Find the Right Product

Going to a website with confusing navigation is like walking into a messy store. Shoppers want to be able to find the product they want, and find it fast. Creating an optimized navigation structure allows the user to find what they need efficiently.

Customer Spotlight - Arthur Beren

Knowing that finding the perfect shoe can be a task accomplished in a variety of ways, Arthur Beren utilized the “shop by” navigation style. Customers are able to follow the path of their choice to find the right product.

Tip #3 – Be Mobile Friendly

Cyber Monday 2013 illustrated the importance of having a mobile friendly site. 17% of online retail purchases on this day were made from a mobile device, according to a recent study. A mobile version of an eCommerce site optimizes the user experience for the small screen, and makes customers more likely to return in the future.

Customer Spotlight: Republic of Tea

Republic of Tea leveraged KalioMobile™ to build a mobile site that is easy to use. All of the key features of the site are present in the mobile version, including an eye-catching promotion.  Customers are able to look for and purchase their favorite products easily.

To explore 15 additional tactics to engage your customers, read our white paper – Merchandising Selling Signals: 18 Definitive Tactics to Get Your Shopper’s Attention Today.

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