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5.5% Revenue Increase from Checkout Page Redesign

The checkout page is notorious for drop offs – most retailers spend a significant portion of their time optimizing this page. Through A/B split tests, Kalio was able to refine the design of one client’s checkout page, which resulted in a significant revenue increase.

The old checkout page looked like this:


Key changes included the removal of a default shipping address form and changing the smaller “Review Order” button to a larger “Place Order” one. As a result, the shopper has fewer steps to complete the purchase. The new checkout page is below: image12

As a result, the retailer saw a 5.5% increase in revenue and a 2.6% increase in order conversion during the A/B test. The design upgrade has been adopted on the desktop site, and has proven successful. Cheers to the Kalio eCommerce Optimization team for another revenue boosting project!

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