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5 Quick Tactics to Acquire New Customers

For online retailers, it’s never too early to start acquiring emails from shoppers. Shoppers begin to “eyeball” products months before the holidays and a few changes to an online store could save shoppers from buying from competitors. Use these five secrets that are proven winners and see the difference in your sales:

Add a banner offer to category pages that require an email address to redeem

As your shopper gets deeper into navigating your site, banners are an un-intrusive way to still offer promotions that require an email address to attain.

This method can also be used on a smaller scale for product pages. Add an "email me when this item is on sale" field for your potential shoppers

Send a series of emails to shoppers' who have abandoned their carts

This is an easy way to hook your shoppers that are on the fence. It is also a good opportunity to show them other merchandise they might be interested in.

Create a pop up offer

If there is money to be saved, your shoppers won’t be bothered by a pop up offer that requires an email to sign up for.

Add a shipping estimator on your cart page

Not only is this a useful tool for your shoppers, but an easy way for online retailers to capture an email dress along with a zip code.

Include an Ajax call on the checkout page

With an Ajax call, you’ll be able to collect the shoppers’ email addresses regardless of whether they complete the order or not. This is particularly helpful when keeping track of cart abandonment.

Have you tried any of the tactics above? What were your experiences with capturing new customers? Share your eCommerce strategies and questions in the comments!

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