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6 Ways to Boost Mother’s Day Sales (Hint: Your Grandma and Lover Want Different Things)

Mother’s Day ranks as one of the most popular seasons for online retailers. Online shopping for this holiday has experienced consistent growth. We have outlined 6 ideas to strengthen your Mother’s Day 2014 strategy.

Create Facets for Your Shoppers’ Target Audience

Shoppers have different end goals, so merchandise your products properly by creating relevant facets. A card for a shopper’s lover may contain different connotations than a card meant for grandma. Products need to be grouped properly so the shopper does not have to sift through hundreds of products to find the right one.

Strategize How Your Shoppers Get to Product Results

Do not assume your shoppers know where to look to get to Mother Day’s products. Add a dedicated Mother’s Day section to navigation. If you have already done that, pat yourself on the back. How about a same day delivery category?

Think of the best segmentation method that works for you – merchandising involves more than just facets by gift recipient and filters by price. For example, if your eCommerce site has categories that receive more clicks than others, be sure to test the category order. Does your shopper’s recipient have a sweet tooth or a stomach for fermented grapes?

Facet navigation modifications can take only minutes to implement. Kalio’s customers quickly make changes in our configurable site manager.

Think Mobile: 43% Increase in Mobile Traffic during the Week Leading up to Mother’s Day 2013

Mobile and tablet shopping during Mother’s Day have surged year after year. During this time, mobile accounted for 28% of total online sales, a 109% year over year increase (IBM Benchmark Report). Provide a fast, straightforward shopping experience for these consumers. Make sure you give your team time to thoroughly test any website changes for Mother’s Day in mobile and tablet viewports.

Expose “Order By” Dates in Product Pages and Emails

Delivery dates are vital. Nothing means more to mom than receiving flowers with her mimosa Sunday. Make sure “order by” dates are visible on product pages, not just on your FAQ. Send emails to remind shoppers that the deadline for ordering is coming. More than one “last day” notification email helps shoppers who do not check emails every day prepare in advance.

Let Free Shipping Boost Your Revenue

Over half of online retailers offer some sort of free shipping deal during the time leading up to Mother’s Day (Internet Retailer). If you are not ready to give out site wide free shipping to everyone, you can associate this perk with a certain purchase amount, category, or product bundles. Beyond shipping incentives, if you are introducing a new product bundle, include a free gift for additional visibility. A percent off order total with the purchase of 2 or more products boosts average order value.

Convert One Time Shoppers into Loyal Customers

Send an email and ask shoppers what products interest them in an upcoming offer email. Graduation and Father’s Day are just around the corner. Permission based email marketing with relevant offers and re-targeting will help keep your brand top of mind when the customer is ready to buy during the next season. Keep an eye out for our blog on industry insider Father’s Day statistics.

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