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9% Revenue Increase – Data Driven Growth

Small, seemingly insignificant changes can often have a big impact on sales. Kalio’s EOS (eCommerce Optimization Service) team did a 50/50 split test for a client and uncovered a change that increased both conversions and revenue.

Question: Will consistent button styling throughout purchase experience affect shopper behavior?

Hypothesis: Consistent, attractive styling will increase revenue.

Testing: 50% of site visitors saw old, inconsistent buttons; 50% of site visitors saw new, consistent buttons.

The test involved changing product purchase buttons to be consistent throughout the site. Originally, the buttons did not follow the same style. During the 50/50 split test, half of the 14,069 shoppers saw the “Before” buttons, and the other half saw the “After” buttons.


The EOS team’s hypothesis was confirmed when they noticed a significant increase in conversions and sales in the customers interacting with the “After” buttons. In fact, conversions increased by 2.7% and revenue increased by 9%. This shows how important it is to make scientifically driven decisions when changing a site.

Knowing what to try and how to test it isn’t easy - for more information about this study and Kalio EOS, contact us at your.partner@kaliocommerce.com

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