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Craig Samford

Craig Samford
Craig Samford is the Director of Sales for KalioCommerce. When he is not helping online businesses optimize their shopping experiences, you will find him grinding his way around a golf course, making music with friends in the Marin Headlands and searching for the next great Sonoma Valley Zinfandel.
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Link and Sync Marketing with Your Platform for a Seamless eCommerce Experience

Link and sync your marketing with your eCommerce platform
All too often, departments within an eCommerce organization fail to coordinate their efforts to achieve the same business goals. Consider the most obvious example of marketing and sales: How can your eCommerce sales platform possibly deliver the shopping experiences envisioned by marketing without a shared vision and coordinating efforts? In turn, how can marketers know what shopping experiences they can and should promise without knowing if their eCommerce platform can deliver. According to Sir...

Which eCommerce Features Will Stand the Test of Time

What eCommerce features will stand the test of time?
Louis Columbus, in a Forbes article last fall, made an interesting observation that progress in eCommerce technology had reached an inflection point. In mathematics and business, the inflection point describes a place on a graph where the curve changes dramatically. Columbus writes, “Born-in-the-cloud e-commerce systems are innovating at a pace that outdistances legacy, on-premise systems. The inflection point is most visible in how quickly user experiences, support for multi-tier distribution s...
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