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Before & After: Discount Ramps Launches on KalioCommerce

IR500 Retailer Discount Ramps recently unveiled their new responsive eCommerce site, now powered by KalioCommerce. See the comparison shots of the site before and after the move to Kalio:

Home Page & Menus

The home page has been redesigned to highlight prominent products and attract shoppers to opt in for email correspondence. Restructured categorization in the new top navigation makes finding products easier. Features such as search, account information, and the cart have been rearranged to enhance usability.





Product Page

The product page now provides richer, more relevant information for shoppers: The more prominent related products section helps shoppers find complementary products which increases average order value. Important product information such as pricing, item #, and status are now above the fold. Tabs on product details and images gets shoppers to the details they need fast.





Many other improvements, such as a streamlined checkout process to reduce bounce rate and improve conversions, have been added to the site during the migration to KalioCommerce. Stay tuned to learn about how the move to KalioCommerce and responsive design influences DiscountRamps’ metrics!

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