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eCommerce Marketing Insights: Our “Ask Me Anything” Q&A Highlights


Last week, KalioCommerce and WhatCounts collaborated for an “Ask Me Anything” session on eCommerce marketing. There was a fantastic turnout, and great questions were asked. Don’t worry if you missed it – here are some of the eCommerce marketing insights our experts shared:

Q: Lifecycle Marketing: What is it?

JOY UGI emphasizes the importance of approaching your customers with the lifecycle in mind. What stage of the relationship are they in? Are they a new customer that you are trying to hit with the right message? Or, are you trying to win back a returning customer?

Ugi suggests that it is best to have “a different method and a different cadence of messages” for each step. The same email that converts a new customer will not necessarily have the same effect on a returning customer that has already purchased before.

Once you have this marketing philosophy in place, it is important to apply this to your execution. This is where lifecycle marketing comes into play. You should set up your direct campaigns to deliver the certain messages at specific stages of the lifecycle. By automating this, you do not have to do a lot of work but will still engage your customers at the right time with the right message.

OWEN RENN points out, “You should adjust your campaigns based on if people are opening, clicking, or not opening your emails. Try to automate based on how the person behaves and how they interact with your emails.”

Q: How Can I Prevent Customers from Unsubscribing?

CARRIE BRUMBACK reminds us of the importance of an “Unsubscribe” button but also notes that there may be a better alternative. An alternative to the traditional “Unsubscribe Now” button is to offer them an Opt-Down preference.

Individuals can select their preference to receive fewer emails, which would place their information in a different segment that does not receive as many emails during campaigns. By offering this Opt-Down option, individuals can say, “We like your emails, but we are receiving too many of them” without having to unsubscribe fully from your mailing list.

Q: How do I accelerate my pipeline flow?

OWEN RENN suggests that you engage in A/B or multivariate testing. It helps you to look continuously at your content differently to see what works best. “You may think you have the perfect subject line or email content, but you do not know what you do not know.”

Even better, WhatCounts allows you to test a sample for a day or two and then automatically sends the best reporting email to the rest of your mailing list. “Don’t wait for the next sale or next offer you have to try something new. Always be testing and integrating what you are doing into your email program.”

JOY UGI says, “If you don’t have a welcome series, I would implement that right away because when people sign up for your emails they’re the most engaged they’ll ever be with your brand. They’ve opted-in to receive those emails. They are giving you permission to send.”

CARRIE BRUMBACK agrees, “The welcome series is a huge one. Take advantage of the fact that you have information on these people from your website. You have information on what categories they were interested in, what products they were interested in, what they’ve purchased.“ Take this information that is gathered by your website and leverage it to target the types of emails you are sending. Target based on customer buying behavior.

To learn more and hear their other answers, check out the full session on-demand.


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