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9.4% Increase in Add to Cart with Product Videos

Product videos are a hefty investment – we always recommend testing the effectiveness of site changes on a smaller scale before proceeding to implement the upgrade throughout the whole site. Kalio’s eCommerce Optimization Services team helped customer Really Good Stuff run A/B split tests on a select group of products to determine whether product videos would have any impact on shoppers navigating their site.

The video was placed in the “More Details” section of select products, like this:


Half of the visitors to the product group saw the videos added in, and the other half saw the original pages with no videos.

As a result of the experiment, the pages displaying product videos saw a 9.4% increase in products being added to the cart. Furthermore, the overall video engagement rate was 4.5%.

Additional tests can be run to determine the ideal placement of the video component in the product description. For example, it can be embedded in an icon resembling an alternate product view, like so:


In addition, further testing should also be done to determine what videos are most effective (for example: on new products or best sellers? shorter or longer videos?). This will help the customer optimize their investment.

On KalioCommerce, customers can easily make merchandising changes, such as altering whether a product video is displayed in an existing product image frame or as a thumbnail. The flexibility of KalioCommerce enables customers to quickly test and select the best variation of a change. Happy testing!

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