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IR Focus Show Recap

We had a terrific time at the IR Focus Web Design + Mobile Commerce show in Orlando. Lucky attendees got to meet our very own Kim Planet for complimentary design consultations. On the show floor, we shared our passion for responsive design with retailers.

The show emphasized the need for a strong mobile presence – here are stats from the show:

  • 14% of digital shoppers use mobile exclusively (comScore)
  • If a mobile retail page takes 10 seconds or more to load, almost 50% of the customers will leave (Keynote Mobile)
  • 13% of all U.S. eCommerce sales were mobile (IR Magazine)

Many at the show were considering a site redesign in the near future. If you are working on a redesign project, you can use this 10 step checklist by The Internet Educator to make sure you are on the right track.

Hope to see you at the IR show in June – we have many exciting developments cooking between now and then!

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