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IRCE 2013 Recap

After spending last week in Chicago for IRCE 2013, Kalio is back at it in California distilling the information we gathered. With the world’s largest eCommerce event fresh in our minds, there seemed to be a few topics in particular that attendees were buzzing about: mobile and tablet commerce, globalization, and personalization for a catered shopping experience.

Growing Pains:

With countless innovations and new channels, retailers are looking for more capability and flexibility in their eCommerce platforms. Being that the retail environment is constantly changing, it is important for retailers to have the ability to quickly adapt and react, which could be a contributing factor to the 65% of retailers looking to re-platform in the next 48 months in a survey of 156 retail CIO and business executives across Europe and the US conducted by Forrester Consulting.

Mobile & Tablet Movement:

Mobile and tablet devices are constantly in the hands of shoppers, and with the forecast of mobile commerce possibly reaching 15% of eCommerce by the end of this year, it’s no mystery why it’s a major point of interest for online retailers around the world. Especially now that 48% of all time spent on the Internet is now via mobile or tablet, this could mean that there may be an emerging “mobile-first” mentality going forward.

Getting Global:

Al Gore was a keynote speaker at IRCE 2013 and heavily stressed on going global. He reminded those who attended of the constantly expanding global marketplace and the Internet growing as a community presents more opportunities for eCommerce than ever before. “Your customers are global, your competitors are global. The Internet connects billions of people and smart devices… If you keep on your toes and innovate properly, the opportunities are boundless.” In accordance with the issue of building a personal relationship with your shopper, globalization needs to be approached cautiously as not to alienate consumers by not appealing to local cultures.

Up Close & Personal:

Building a personal relationship with your shopper can be a daunting task, but with the prevalence of social media, it has become easier than ever before to make your brand more personable and accessible to the consumer. On Twitter alone, the value of a follower can be quantified in a 47% greater likelihood of visiting your website, a 39% greater chance of recommendation, as well as a 35% greater chance of re-tweeting your posts, and most excitingly: a 35% greater chance of purchasing.


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