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IRCE Recap & 3 Hot Topics to Think About

Our team had a great time at IRCE 2014 – so much so that we’re still recovering! Between site consultations, demos, meeting with our customers, and trying to take in everything at the show, it was a busy week for us.


the calm before the storm

Colleagues who spent the week back at our offices reported that it was the quietest time of the year… still no verdict on whether this was a good or bad thing. Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth. We had great conversations that we look forward to continuing.

If you didn't have a chance to chat, please contact us and we would be happy to connect. If you didn’t get to attend IRCE, here are some things that were the buzz this year:

  • Mobile technology – there are still mixed feelings on what the best way to approach mobile is. Check out our take on responsive design here if you want some more information on why this technology is making waves in the industry.
  • Scaling personalization strategy – it’s a no brainer that shoppers love a personalized experience. However, efficiently scaling personalization requires a lot of time (and data!). Nevertheless, this is where eCommerce is headed.
  • Videos as a selling tool – with many ways to display videos on a site, it can be a challenge to make sure they are performing optimally. We recently wrote a blog about this.

We hope you had as much fun at IRCE 2014 as we did. See you next year!

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