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As you already probably know, hosting provider GoDaddy.com was crippled by major system outages on Monday, September 10.  Although no customer data was a risk, as GoDaddy.com claims, the outages demonstrated how much of an impact downtime can have on an online business.

Often, online retailers are too busy focusing on the “retailer” aspect of the business, and the “online” part becomes a second thought.  However, those two words don’t describe two disparate ideas – an online business can’t have one without the other. “5 Forgotten Costs of Downtime”, by Rigor Web Performance, is great food for thought to get online retailers to start thinking about ensuring maximum uptime.

This recent study by 1&1 Internet reveals that almost 3/4ths of users will abandon a website due to performance issues.  (There is a relationship joke in there somewhere.)  Those users noted the following as the 5 most common site issues:

  • Slow running websites (65 percent)
  • Significant differences in Web page loading times (58 percent)
  • Broken website pages (42 percent)
  • Web addresses that lead nowhere (34 percent)
  • Online orders not processed (32 percent)

Now only does downtime cost you sales you could’ve wrapped up at that time, it can cost you repeat business as well as future business due to bad word of mouth.  Eventually, it could even cost you your entire business due to a tarnished reputation.  That’s a harsh and drastic scenario, but not focusing on site performance today could snowball and smother your business.  That’s an avalanche that may be too big to dig yourself out of.

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