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Revenues Increase 3.5% After Testing Single and Multi-Step Checkout

A Kalio client previously used single page checkout on their site, but wished to reduce cart abandonment.

Shoppers were confused by the account creation fields and guest checkout fields on the single checkout page. Kalio proposed a multi-stage checkout process that started with the screen below for users who were not logged in:


At the end of checkout, the shopper was able to save the relevant information entered in their purchase (such as email and address) to easily create an account.

The Kalio eCommerce Optimization Services team performed a split test for the Kalio client using the old single page checkout process versus the new required sign in process. The test found that the new multi-stage checkout option increased revenue by 3.5%.

Single page checkout is a recommended best practice for many sites, but remember that every site is different. If statistics point at high bounce rates, the checkout process could be one of the top items to test.

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