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Newsletter Signups Increase 1750%, Conversions Remain Steady

Displaying a newsletter subscription form when a user first enters your site can be risky – although it fulfills the goal of collecting emails, there is a concern that it will cause abandonment and negatively impact conversion rates.

To test this, the Kalio eCommerce Optimization Team decided to run a test on the Touch of Class website. Originally, the newsletter signup form was only in the footer of the page – an area where users would be unlikely to look.


The team decided to experiment with displaying a pop up form encouraging users to submit their email address for updates.

Round one of testing involved placing a simple dialog to site visitors who were not already signed up for the newsletter. This generated over 9,000 email signups during the testing period – but also came with a 6.6% decrease in order conversions.

The team was looking for the best of both worlds: collecting additional emails without the decrease in order conversion.

In the next iterations of testing, the team played around with various points at which to display the dialog, such as:

  • Frequency of the dialog
  • Adding a promotion, like a discount or free gift
  • Limiting the dialog to specific users

In the end, the version that worked best was displaying the dialog once every 3 days for users who had not signed up, offering free shipping for signing up. This version boasted a 1750% increase in email sign ups, while negating any negative conversion impact. Here is a visual of the end result:


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