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Red, White & Accrue: Ring In the 4th of July With A Boost in Sales

Sunglasses, barbecues, sunscreen and fireworks; how many symptoms of summer do you have? Chances are your shoppers have a few already, and with the 4th of July right around the corner, it’s important to have an effective eCommerce strategy if you don't have one already.  For a majority of Americans, the 4th of July is a perfect opportunity to get together with their friends and family to celebrate our nation’s independence and have fun outdoors. For retailers, it’s a good opportunity to increase sales.

Don’t Sleep On This One

Some online retailers may view the 4th of July as a holiday that isn’t incredibly impactful to eCommerce, being that it is an outdoor activity heavy holiday. It may be the perfect time to push out new sales that will jump-start you into the back to school season while your competitors are too busy looking ahead to the upcoming holiday season. The 4th traditionally marks the start of sales on summer clothes and the beginning of the reset to show the start of fall styles, so shoppers could be looking to start fresh and make some early purchases, if they find the right sales.

Special coupons & promotions

Coupons & Promotions are by far the most popular for online retailers to ring in Independence Day. Promotions like free shipping have become somewhat of a standard for holidays, and it could be effective to pair it up with percentages off that are relevant to the 4th of July (40%, 7.4% off). Firecracker sales or email promotions could be effective due to the large amount of people who are home and could be monitoring their personal emails. This is the time to push out any stock you want to get rid of before summer is in full force.

Know Your Shoppers

On the 4th, it’s important to keep in mind who your shoppers are. Whether your shop is B2C or B2B, you may service an “always on” business. Grocery stores, pharmacies, movie theaters, and restaurants, along with some others are all businesses that stay open through the 4th, and if these fall under your service, having an effective eCommerce presence is important for uninterrupted success.


Remember, the 4th of July is a fun holiday! It’s a perfect time to roll out a nice new web design that sports the good ol’ red, white & blue. Seasonal design is a good way to freshen up your site, and can convey professionalism and timeliness. Whether it’s new leaderboards, rotating banners, or color swatches for facets, your shoppers will appreciate a fresh look. Make sure to showcase relevant 4th of July products on the front page of your site, and any offer you want the shopper to know about.

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