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Tablet Tweaks Help Keep Users Engaged

2 out of 3 US and UK tablet owners use their device to research products before they buy online, a recent study found. The rise in tablet eCommerce consumption means mobile device ready sites are crucial for online retailers.

Kalio recently helped a customer improve tablet usability by optimizing the site with Kalio’s proven and tested practices for tablet devices. Optimization techniques commonly used by Kalio include increasing the text size on all clickable elements and decreasing the need for a keyboard as much as possible site wide. Kalio’s team ran split tests to compare tablet traffic of the new, tablet optimized version and the old desktop site.

Some of the results are below:

Metric % Increase Over Desktop
Category Pageviews 1.2%
Product Pageviews 9.1%
Search Submissions 31.6%

Satisfying tablet customers improves conversions and sales. Make the right information easy to find on mobile devices, lower drop off rates, and increase customer engagement.

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