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Tapping Into Mobile

We often see predictions of what mobile will become in the future, but don’t be fooled, the future is now. With this in mind, take a look at what is currently going on with mobile:

  • 35% of smart phone owners intentionally bring their phones shopping to price compare in stores
  • 62% of smartphone shoppers make mobile purchases at least once a month

A shift to mobile presents a boatload of opportunities for Internet retailers, but proceed with caution because a buggy mobile site is much worse than a non-existent mobile site. Your shoppers expect a high-quality, seamless shopping experience from desktop to mobile and if their expectations aren’t met, your competitors are literally at their fingertips.

Shoppers expect their desktop cart items to mirror their mobile cart items, and a catered shopping experience that gives them recommendations on their phone for items similar to the ones they viewed on their desktop. A customer that is shopping for protein powder on his desktop computer may not want to be recommended the latest romantic comedy on his smartphone. With this in mind, place capital importance in making sure your eCommerce platform supports what you need – one integrated backend interface, a unified set of data, a set of business and merchandising rules that dynamically change with your customers’ needs, and real support for the innovative way in which mobile and tablet devices work today.

Then, and only then can you look to the future, because how you react now will directly impact your success in mobile in the future; mobile is only going to grow. According to Forrester, mobile eCommerce sales are predicted to quadruple to $31 billion annually in the next five years. To help this happen, tablets will become more accessible to the average user. Currently, 55% of tablet owners use their tablets for online shopping. This will explode in the next few years as tablets get cheaper, as well as cloud storage becoming a viable alternative to physical hard drives, and tablet technology matures.

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