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This holiday season, retailers need to pick up the phone

During summer, shoppers tend to focus more on vacations and upcoming “Back to School” sales, but for retailers it is the time to start preparing for the crucial and lucrative holiday shopping season.  According to IBM’s fifth-annual Online Retail Holiday Readiness Report, this holiday season may be the right time for retailers to focus more and more on their mobile sites.

The IBM report states that mobile sales have increased nearly 90% in Q2 2012 over Q2 2011.  For the 2011 holiday season, IBM also reported that, “14.6 percent of all online sessions on a retailer’s site were initiated from a mobile device, more than double the rate of 5.6 percent over this same period in 2010.”  Holiday sales figures in 2011 more than doubled from 2010, which stood at 11% and 5.5%, respectively.

For this upcoming holiday season, IBM is predicting that mobile devices will produce 20% of all online sales and 25% of all traffic.  That slice of mobile pie is still small, but the obvious year-over-year growth should be enough reason for online retailers to start looking at developing new or improving current mobile shopping sites.  If IBM’s predictions come true, there will be no reason for online retailers to ignore mobile shoppers.  Retailers who don’t soon start paying attention to these mobile numbers may soon be making a very big mistake.

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