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Simplifying the Cart Page Increases Revenue 11.7%

"It seems that perfection is reached not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away" - Antoine de Saint-Exupery In the eCommerce space, new features are regularly added to sites. Usually this is done because of design trends, market shifts, or in an effort to differentiate yourself from the competition. Over time some sites fall victim to "feature bloat", where there are too many elements on the page competing for attention and detracting from the page's prima...

9.4% Increase in Add to Cart with Product Videos

Product videos are a hefty investment – we always recommend testing the effectiveness of site changes on a smaller scale before proceeding to implement the upgrade throughout the whole site. Kalio’s eCommerce Optimization Services team helped customer Really Good Stuff run A/B split tests on a select group of products to determine whether product videos would have any impact on shoppers navigating their site. The video was placed in the “More Details” section of select products, like this:

Revenues Increase 3.5% After Testing Single and Multi-Step Checkout

A Kalio client previously used single page checkout on their site, but wished to reduce cart abandonment. Shoppers were confused by the account creation fields and guest checkout fields on the single checkout page. Kalio proposed a multi-stage checkout process that started with the screen below for users who were not logged in:

Newsletter Signups Increase 1750%, Conversions Remain Steady

Displaying a newsletter subscription form when a user first enters your site can be risky – although it fulfills the goal of collecting emails, there is a concern that it will cause abandonment and negatively impact conversion rates. To test this, the Kalio eCommerce Optimization Team decided to run a test on the Touch of Class website. Originally, the newsletter signup form was only in the footer of the page – an area where users would be unlikely to look.

5.5% Revenue Increase from Checkout Page Redesign

The checkout page is notorious for drop offs – most retailers spend a significant portion of their time optimizing this page. Through A/B split tests, Kalio was able to refine the design of one client’s checkout page, which resulted in a significant revenue increase. The old checkout page looked like this: Key changes included the removal of a default shipping address form and changing the smaller “Review Order” button to a larger “Place Order” one. As a result, the shopper has fewer steps to co...
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