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Year-Long eCommerce Research: What Channels Drove Revenue?

Significant differences show how the same channels can speed up or slow down growth for mid-sized and large online retailers Year after year, organic search, paid search, and email make up a vast majority of revenue. Noteworthy reports such as Custora’s eCommerce Pulse mentioned that 20% of holiday revenue came from email. After measuring the largest channels, the next step was to figure out if each channel actually helped increase overall growth. Did the medium hurt business even if the medium’...

Are eCommerce Shoppers Buying More and Earlier as Predicted?

Online retailers experienced robust revenue gains, 16% growth over the 6 core days of Thanksgiving sales, from the Wednesday on Thanksgiving week to Cyber Monday. Shoppers purchased significantly more during and after Thanksgiving week. Analysts in the industry previously gazed into their crystal balls and foresaw that the holiday shopping season would begin earlier. Articles even projected that ¼ of Americans will start their holiday shopping before Halloween. Before Thanksgiving Week: Are shop...

eCommerce Marketing Insights: Our “Ask Me Anything” Q&A Highlights

Last week, KalioCommerce and WhatCounts collaborated for an “Ask Me Anything” session on eCommerce marketing. There was a fantastic turnout, and great questions were asked. Don’t worry if you missed it – here are some of the eCommerce marketing insights our experts shared: Q: Lifecycle Marketing: What is it? JOY UGI emphasizes the importance of approaching your customers with the lifecycle in mind. What stage of the relationship are they in? Are they a new customer that you are trying to hit wit...

4 Email Marketing Best Practices

  Photo from Flickr (https://flic.kr/p/p9YHGD)   Email marketing is a staple of business communication, with hundreds of users interfacing through email everyday. Between personal communication and business communication, a fair chunk of our daily interactions can be found concentrated in our email inboxes. Though it is a widely used communication tool, it is easy to get lost in the noise of an inbox. Every morning I begin my day by rooting through various emails that are all jostling for my att...

Good Intentions Don't Always Produce Good Results.

We often make choices based on our feelings, past experiences, or habits. However, when vital decisions rise and uncertainty exists or there are multiple stakeholders to please, most decision-makers see value in a science-based approach to decision making. eCommerce Optimization helps you leverage the scientific method for making decisions about changes to your web site. Make better informed decisions, choose the best course of action, and avoid unintended consequences.
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