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Convert With a Simple Click of a Button: Total Revenue +4.1%

Introduction Retailers with physical stores devote a fair amount of time towards crafting window displays and meticulously shelving products. Similarly, eTailers should strategically design their eCommerce sites with ease-of-use in mind. How easily a shopper can navigate from the product page to the cart to checkout can mean the difference between a successful conversion and an abandoned cart. Do shoppers need to go through multiple pages, or can they get to what they need in one click? There is...

Million Dollar Merchandising

How do you know your eCommerce merchandising strategy or technology is effective? Catalogers have tested what products sell and position products strategically on catalog pages with specifically allocated measurements per product. Retailers have optimized their window displays and placement of products on racks since the nineteenth century. eCommerce sites are no different; proper merchandising plays a huge role in their success. Question The client for this experiment is a multi-channel retaile...

9.4% Increase in Add to Cart with Product Videos

Product videos are a hefty investment – we always recommend testing the effectiveness of site changes on a smaller scale before proceeding to implement the upgrade throughout the whole site. Kalio’s eCommerce Optimization Services team helped customer Really Good Stuff run A/B split tests on a select group of products to determine whether product videos would have any impact on shoppers navigating their site. The video was placed in the “More Details” section of select products, like this:
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