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9.4% Increase in Add to Cart with Product Videos

Product videos are a hefty investment – we always recommend testing the effectiveness of site changes on a smaller scale before proceeding to implement the upgrade throughout the whole site. Kalio’s eCommerce Optimization Services team helped customer Really Good Stuff run A/B split tests on a select group of products to determine whether product videos would have any impact on shoppers navigating their site. The video was placed in the “More Details” section of select products, like this:

5.5% Revenue Increase from Checkout Page Redesign

The checkout page is notorious for drop offs – most retailers spend a significant portion of their time optimizing this page. Through A/B split tests, Kalio was able to refine the design of one client’s checkout page, which resulted in a significant revenue increase. The old checkout page looked like this: Key changes included the removal of a default shipping address form and changing the smaller “Review Order” button to a larger “Place Order” one. As a result, the shopper has fewer steps to co...

6 Ways to Boost Mother’s Day Sales (Hint: Your Grandma and Lover Want Different Things)

Mother’s Day ranks as one of the most popular seasons for online retailers. Online shopping for this holiday has experienced consistent growth. We have outlined 6 ideas to strengthen your Mother’s Day 2014 strategy. Create Facets for Your Shoppers’ Target Audience Shoppers have different end goals, so merchandise your products properly by creating relevant facets. A card for a shopper’s lover may contain different connotations than a card meant for grandma. Products need to be grouped properly s...

Tablet Tweaks Help Keep Users Engaged

2 out of 3 US and UK tablet owners use their device to research products before they buy online, a recent study found. The rise in tablet eCommerce consumption means mobile device ready sites are crucial for online retailers.

9% Revenue Increase – Data Driven Growth

Small, seemingly insignificant changes can often have a big impact on sales. Kalio’s EOS (eCommerce Optimization Service) team did a 50/50 split test for a client and uncovered a change that increased both conversions and revenue.
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